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How to choose the best operating system for a dedicated server


The advantages of a UK dedicated server are plentiful, and it is the prime choice for business. Configuring your dedicated server, though, is a complex process, and your operating system and software will be a crucial element to the configuration and ultimate purpose of the server.

Most of the setup and configuration will be carried out by your hosting company – if they’re providing full support, then it should be of less a concern for you and largely their decision. However, if you have your own IT people to manage your system, read on to find out which operating system you should choose for your dedicated server.

What operating systems are available?

There are essentially two choices for server operating system: Windows or Linux. Windows licensing fees will cost you more to run it on your server; Linux is by far the most popular choice, running on around 80% of the world’s web servers.

There are countless different versions of Linux, called distros. The most popular one for dedicated servers is CentOS, which has the advantages of being a widely-distributed enterprise solution that is very stable and has been heavily tested for the web server environment.

Why is Linux better than Windows?

A Linux server operating system offers a number of advantages over Windows, the first being stability. Linux systems can run for years without crashing or needing to reboot, a great attribute when downtime can be disastrous for a company. Linux can also manage and run large numbers of multiple processes simultaneously, and updates are carried out seamlessly without the constant need for rebooting in Windows. This results in lower hardware requirements for a Linux server.

Security is a big factor, especially with the ever increasing tide of cyber-crime. Linux, due to its design as a multiuser system, is far more secure than Windows. However, Windows server platforms have improved greatly over the years and they have the advantage of familiarity – most people already know how to use Windows.

Either way, your hosting provider should be able to recommend the best operating system for your UK dedicated server.

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