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Getting personal: why it pays to have a dedicated server

You know that your website is your unique shop window. However, there are numerous options for hosting your website, web applications, or mail server. The most typical one is shared hosting, whereby different websites all share the same host server’s support systems. There are also cloud hosting and collocation services, but dedicated servers carry particular advantages.

1) More power and control

Dedicated hosting gives you more power and control over your website options. As a client, you hire a server from a company offering a hosting service devoted entirely to you solely using that server’s assets. Your provider cooperates with you to ensure you have all the customised CPU, RAM and disk space you need. Not only that, but the provider also builds and maintains your exclusive server.

2) Flexibility

Flexibility is crucial in optimising the success of busy websites. With a dedicated server, you can customise it according to your needs and the nature of your business and client base. Shared hosting does not offer this exclusivity, and you are mostly lumbered with whatever software they are using. While VPS hosting provides some elements of customisation and flexibility, it still partitions the resources available, so you don’t get the power advantage of a dedicated server.

3) Excellent performance

Properly utilised, dedicated servers outperform all other types of hosting on the block: faster load times, more good uptime and preferable overall performance. No one else can impact your performance with traffic overload or user errors.

4) Unique IP address and more security

Helpful for positioning your SEO and other online aspects, a unique IP address gives you sole control over it. It helps to avoid the potential for downgrading if you were, for example, sharing an IP with a spam site. Unique IP  is precious if you run an e-commerce site. It grants you much better security.

Other people’s mistakes or security breaches can cost you on a shared server, but a dedicated server ensures your security. Get personal with your website hosting, and stay in control: contact us today.

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