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Dedicated Servers

Everything you need to know about dedicated server hosting…


When you are running a website, there will be (whether you realise it or not) an off-site internet-based server hosting it in the background for you. The role of this server is to manage and upkeep your resources, enabling you to have a complete IT infrastructure without any additional equipment, maintenance, updates and training being required.

For a more custom solution, there is the option to use a dedicated server hosting instead. In essence, this is when you are able to lease out an entire server and not share this with anyone else. The benefit of it is that it is more flexible – as you are the sole user of it, you’ll be able to have full control over it. This includes making key decisions regarding the hardware and operating system. It provides you with a high performance and secure solution, plus it gives you stability and control over your email system too.

A dedicated server is not a simple solution; in fact, they can be very extensive and complex. As such they’re recommended for companies whose websites have large volumes of traffic. These servers are designed to handle a large amount of information, but are also working exclusively for you. They are able to perform exceptionally well and can help improve your site speed.

As a result of all of this, they’re not cheap to use and are largely chosen by the much bigger businesses over SME companies. They are, however, extremely reliable. As shared servers are operating for a number of different companies and are not controlled by a single business, they have a higher chance of down time. With a dedicated server, you have complete oversight of the server and can ensure changes, upgrades and repairs are made ahead of time and are planned for to prevent any delay or disturbance to your work.

Dedicated servers are renowned for having better security, largely because you are able to completely customise them to your own needs. You are essentially buying complete ownership of the space for a period of time, but this brings with it a large amount of autonomy, flexibility and benefit. You can optimise the service to make it work for you, and can also ensure you have extensive assurance with your bandwidth.

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