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Dedicated Servers

Does your business need a dedicated server?


Dedicated servers cost more than shared hosting and even some cloud hosting options, but they offer several benefits to businesses. However, this additional cost means that it is crucial to consider whether you need dedicated server access before paying for one. How could your business benefit from upgrading to a dedicated server?

No need to share

Shared hosting means that your website, email, and online documents could be stored on a server with hundreds or even thousands of other businesses and websites. While you might take security seriously, there is no guarantee that others do. What’s more, as your usage increases, so too do your server needs. On a shared server, this could be a problem if you cannot upgrade to a better package. With a dedicated server, you control all the resources available, with no need to share.

More expensive but better value

Dedicated servers are more expensive than shared hosting accounts. However, you get considerably greater resources than with a cloud server, and you can use it for everything from hosting your website to storing documents and dealing with emails. You can also use it for app storage and more. In terms of value for money, if your business needs this kind of resource, dedicated servers UK offers the best possible value for money.

Add server hardware

You have total control over a dedicated server. You can add unique and highly customisable server hardware, as well as software that you would not be able to install on a shared server. You can add new storage or install new software to maximise your efforts and returns.

Customise the server experience

You can use a dedicated server for many practical and beneficial purposes. Create virtual machines, manage the sending and receiving emails, and back up remote files and documents. There’s no need to pay to have a shared hosting company install the software or set up the server so that you can benefit from these features. You can also manage the security and access rights using the software you install, which means full customisation options that aren’t available with other solutions.

If you would like more information on how a dedicated server could benefit your company, contact us at Clouvider today.

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