Does a dedicated server increase website speed?

Site speed in the modern web climate is very important. It helps for search engine rankings, but it also improves the user experience for visitors to your site. Slow loading times can cause a huge bounce rate, and there will be no real value to your content. Even two or three seconds of delay can damage rankings significantly.

The main question

The prices of UK dedicated servers can be quite prohibitive, so for anyone considering using one they will want to know whether there is a significant boost to site speed. The short answer to this question is “yes” – there is an extensive improvement to site speed, and once you experience it you will never want to go back.

So how does it work?

If you buy hosting space for a single website, you’re essentially renting that space from a server that also hosts hundreds or even thousands of other websites. The sharing of processing memory, disk space, bandwidth and the like means everyone’s share is somewhat impacted in a negative way by their neighbours. And the server owner would need to allocate limits to everyone to still get a profit from their business.

With all these limits, you will find that everything is fine when you start out, but as your website grows and traffic increases there will be issues. You will find the limitations are preventing you from growing as a business, and you may start looking for alternatives to do so.

Speed hacks

There are things you can do to improve website speed without switching to a dedicated server. These include:

– Caching
– Implementing a self-hosted CDN
– Using asynchronous and deferred Javascript
– Replacing lazy loading images

But the dedicated server always has an ace in the hole, no matter how much you do to improve site speed. With the huge resources of a dedicated server at your disposal, the limitations that hold you back in shared hosting packages are eliminated. So you could combine the speed hacks listed above with the best dedicated servers UK businesses have available to get the best results. At Clouvider, our London-based datacentres are state-of-the-art facilities with all the power to manage the demands of your business. Take a look at our packages and get in touch today to see how you can enjoy vastly improved website speeds from our dedicated server options.

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