Dedicated servers: a 2017 business essential

Gone are the days of a dusty old server room, or even having no dedicated server space at all. There’s no business out there that doesn’t need to store data in a secure, safe and resilient place – and if you’re not looking at a dedicated cloud server for your business in 2017, then you’re definitely behind the times.

But don’t worry – we can help you get up to speed. Here are some reasons that a dedicated server isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s an essential:

Space doesn’t have to be at a premium

Is there anything worse than running out of space on your in-house server or even just on your PC when you’re trying to complete essential tasks? Not only does a dedicated server take away the pain of a slow-moving multi-purpose server that’s sure to frustrate, but it also gives you a vast amount more space to work with.

Not only that – with a cloud-based dedicated server, upgrading your storage and altering your settings are far easier than ever before. Save your in-house IT personnel for the critical jobs and outsource your dedicated server elsewhere for a more efficient workflow of storage.

The versatility of the cloud

If you’re not a fan of ‘the cloud’, you soon will be. Forget about having to be in the office to access certain files; imagine being able to access sensitive files and programmes from your dedicated server from anywhere in the world. A completely secure and yet fully fluid connection, a dedicated server on the cloud can expand your business’ horizons.

With mobile data you can even access your server on the go thanks to smartphone technology; that is smart.

Safe and secure

A dedicated server not only makes your business practices more manageable, it also makes them a great deal more secure. An off-site, fully secure server is the ideal, and logical, place to store all sensitive information, in a location that’s completely separate from anything in the office. Keep your customers’ data secure and off your employees’ PCs, where there’s far more susceptibility to viruses and more.

A dedicated server is an essential for any business in 2017, so upgrade today. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

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