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Dedicated server security threats you need to be aware of.


Control over security measures is one of the main reasons businesses opt for dedicated servers. However, there is still a slight risk of hackers entering your hosting account and damaging your data with sophisticated techniques. The security threats to your dedicated server that you need to be aware of include:

Server Security and Passwords

When you take on a new dedicated server, one of the first things you need to do is change the passwords if your host has set a default password that will leave you vulnerable to hackers. When choosing a password, opt for something that has no personal connection to you. Make sure that you use a completely random combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and symbols.

Risk of malware

The installation of applications in dedicated servers is straightforward; however, running other peoples scripts or installers can be a risk of malware. Malware can duplicate your most confidential and sensitive databases. Malicious software can hide within legitimate applications and scripts.

To protect your dedicated server against malware, opt for a provider that offers consistent scanning for vulnerabilities and make sure that you check your site often for unusual activity. Before uploading software to your website, make sure to test it on an isolated, secure home device.

Distributed Denial of Service

A DDoS attack from multiple computers can work together to cause server failure by overloading your system with traffic. This can damage the experience of your legitimate customers and waste your valuable hardware resources. So it’s vital to opt for a dedicated server with a generous amount of system resources with the best quality hardware and a perimeter firewall to block malicious data before it accesses your server.

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