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Cloud or dedicated servers – which is best for SMEs?


As a small or medium sized business, you’ll be conscious of the cost of investing in technology to help your business grow. Understanding which technology to invest in is critical to help the growth of your business, but knowing which technology will work best for you is in itself a challenge. When it comes to managing your data and your online services, you will want to ensure you are protecting your information and storing it as safely as possible. Choosing between a cloud based platform and a dedicated server is a situation many SMEs are faced with. To give you insight into which might be best for you and your business, read on below!

The scale of your business

As an SME you’ll have growth plans for your business, and will require flexibility and a system that can adapt to your changing business needs. Your needs for capacity in terms of storage and speed, and resources, will change and develop as your business does. As a result, a cloud based server will be a better option, offering you flexibility as your requirements change. With a cloud server you’re able to add virtual resources to your server when you need them, increasing your capabilities for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

What’s the cost?

With a dedicated server you’ll be required to estimate the amount of storage and capacity you’ll need when you’re at your busiest, and find a server to suit. A cloud based system usually offers greater flexibility in terms of costs, giving you the option to pay hourly or monthly, depending on the different resources you might need at the different times you’re in business. Another consideration is that the cost of a long-term server could work out more efficiently than paying on a lease for a cloud, so if you are able to work out what capacity your business will require you might be able to opt for a longer term deal.

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