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5 reasons why dedicated servers still make sense


We all know that the cloud makes sense. It’s a simple, fast and powerful technology and for many businesses, it’s the ideal solution. However, it’s not a one size fits all solution, and there are still some very good reasons why your organisation will benefit from using dedicated servers.

1. They’re dedicated, not shared

No one else will hog your bandwidth, or clog up your server’s CPU. And if your website receives a lot of traffic, you’ll benefit from the increased stability and reliability of using dedicated servers. Dedicated servers mean no more bad scripts slowing you down or spikes in the bandwidth to compromise your performance.

2. Better performance, greater security

With a dedicated server, you’ll have the flexibility to scale as your business grows. Your server will always be capable of meeting your needs with no loss of performance. Handling sensitive transactions or data? Using dedicated servers means you’ll never be sharing server space with a spammer or some malignant code, giving you greater security.

3. Unique IP address

Having a unique IP address can have a positive impact on your search engine ranking. When you’re sharing a server you never know who also shares your IP address. But if it’s an adult site, you may find your own site getting pushed down in the rankings. Having a unique IP address is also beneficial if you’re running an e-commerce site that depends on SSL for your credit card processing.

4. No capital outlay

Dedicated hosting is a cost effective way of enjoying all the advantages of a full server without the initial and on costs of hosting a full server. Your host handles the build and maintenance costs, and you enjoy all the benefits of a dedicated server with low overheads and a good RoI.

5. Expert backup

When you use Cloudiver dedicated servers, you’ll get the benefit of a world-class datacentre with a bespoke hosting service that is perfectly tailored to your needs. With 24/7 security and money back guarantees on many of our services, dedicated hosting could be the right solution for you. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to advise you.

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