Five common mistakes when selecting a dedicated server


When you choose to make the transition from a self-managed server to a dedicated one, you must be sure it’s not a decision that’s taken lightly. There are some very common mistakes people make when choosing their dedicated server, which can ultimately lead to them using a server that doesn’t fit their needs.

Dismissing the importance of 24/7 support

You must make sure the dedicated server host you choose has a great support service in place. You wouldn’t want to find yourself experiencing a problem with your hosting and be unable to get hold of anyone to resolve the issue for you. A dedicated server with 24/7 support is worth its weight in gold.

Failing to read up on security exclusions/inclusions

Security of your dedicated server should never be overlooked, especially if your site will be capturing private, sensitive data from customers. Always spend some time researching the standard security features of a package as well as the optional extras you could add on. You will want DDoS protection, hardware monitoring, data centre redundancies and security patch scanning. Backups and upgraded DDoS are desirable.

Buying cheap just to save money

Obviously, nobody wants to break their budget when choosing a dedicated server. But by simply choosing the cheapest option you find, you’re far more likely to experience inferior hosting quality. You might find you have reliability issues, security concerns, poor customer service, or other problems that may outweigh the benefits of the low price.

Having no control over your server

It’s not a great idea to choose a dedicated server package that hands over all control over hosting. You should look for a dedicated hosting option that leaves some scope for customization, so you can have some autonomy over which aspects you’d still like to control yourself.

Not being specific

Talk to a company’s sales team to get an idea of your specific needs before buying a hosting package. By chatting with the dedicated server company, you can make sure they offer something that serves your needs well, without harming your budget.

Armed with a little knowledge about the mistakes you’ll want to avoid, you’re well equipped to make the right choice. So start browsing and get talking to some companies to find the perfect option for you.

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