Four reasons it’s time to move your business to a dedicated server


As your business grows, you’ll eventually need to move from virtual hosting or shared servers to dedicated servers. UK businesses large and small are making the switch – this is not just limited to huge sites with millions upon millions of visitors. Here are four signs that it’s time for you to move up in the server world:

You need more resources

With a dedicated server, your server is exactly that – yours. No other sites share the processor power or the RAM or the bandwidth. With shared hosting, you may be at the mercy of whomever you’re sharing with. This is tricky if you want to run resource heavy apps, games, or if you just want to guarantee good service to all of your visitors. A dedicated server solves these problems.

You’re expecting to grow

Almost all businesses expect to grow, of course, but in the modern information age many businesses expect and require sustained growth in website traffic as part of their business model. You don’t want to pay for resources you’re not using, but you also don’t want to be caught short and have to migrate and upgrade in a hurry because you grew quicker than expected. Make sure you have enough bandwidth and RAM to cover your most optimistic growth projections.

You need to customise

With shared hosting, you’re limited to whatever system settings and software that is made available to you. With a dedicated server, you can install whatever you need to. So whether you have preferences over the interface you want to use, you trust a particular third-party security provider, or you require certain software for your particular app, you can have it your way on a dedicated server.

You need extra security

Cyber attacks are on the rise. In a survey of over 1,500 businesses, around half said they had been the victim of a security breach in the UK. Dedicated servers give you an extra layer of protection, because on a shared server, your server-mate may be less security conscious than you. Maybe you deal with very sensitive personal data and you don’t want to risk letting your customers down, facing litigation and losing your reputation should there be a breach. Or maybe you just want peace of mind. Either way, a dedicated server affords extra protection.

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