3 reasons using a cloud-based dedicated server makes business sense

If you run a business in the current climate, then you need a website that delivers. Many people will rightfully focus on building the site itself but it is just as vital to think about your web hosting needs also. More and more businesses these days are choosing cloud-based dedicated servers in this respect for the superb advantages it offers.

What is a cloud-based dedicated server?

Put simply, a cloud-based dedicated server operates in exactly the same way as a physical dedicated server would. It gives you your very own server to use which no one else will have access too. The cloud-based element means that your dedicated server will exist virtually rather than being a physical piece of kit.

But what specific advantages does it give?

1. It cuts your costs

One of the real key bonuses with moving to a cloud-based dedicated server is the money you will save. This will cut across many areas in your organisation but certainly on upfront capital outlay or upkeep of existing equipment. With cloud-based servers, you will not need a physical data centre taking up room in your building and no expensive kit to put in there or look after. When you factor in that it will also use less electricity than a traditional data centre, it becomes clear why it is so great.

2. Help reduce spend on human resources

One of the big costs within any organisation is staffing. Cloud-based server hosting allows you to streamline your outlay in this area by reducing the need for qualified, in-house IT people to run your own, physical dedicated server. Although there will naturally be a cost involved with using this type of virtual dedicated server, it will be less than keeping an in-house IT team on site.

3. Expert help always on hand

Although you will not require an in-house IT team when you move to the cloud, it doesn’t mean that there is no support when you need it. All the web hosting providers that offer this solution will also have staff on hand when you need them to help with any problems too.

At Clouvider, we offer cloud-based UK dedicated servers that are second to none. Our resilient network and superb customer service means that you will always be online for your customers. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help your business thrive.

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