Three common mistakes made when a dedicated server is up and running

As you’re probably aware, UK dedicated servers provide clients with a much greater degree of flexibility than many other web hosting solutions. Switching your organisation over to a dedicated server has its own set of challenges, but there are many more potential pitfalls for dedicated server users who have been set up for a while.

Here are a few major mistakes to be aware of:

Poor cost management

This is one of the most common mistakes that dedicated server clients tend to make. While most dedicated servers UK are fairly expensive, they typically don’t come with any hidden costs. Having said that, a lot of clients tend to shoot low when estimating the cost of maintenance, particularly in cases where the dedicated server remains unmanaged. Before you settle on a dedicated server solution, make sure you have a clear picture of what all the money in your budget will be used for, long-term.

Ignoring common security threats

Cybersecurity threats are another major risk for any organisation using a dedicated server. You need to take all the necessary steps to maintain a dependable level of protection. If you’re ever unsure of the security measures your server has in place, simply contact your hosting company and ask about it.

Many hosts will be able to provide extra security layers, such as round the clock server monitoring, a server shield and fortification of pre-existing security measures. Cybersecurity threats are only becoming more and more sophisticated as time goes on, so set some time aside to make sure your server is protected.

Not having a clear picture of your business’ requirements

Even if you outlined your requirements before you put any money down for your dedicated server, it’s important to go over them again once your server is operational to ensure that it is still meeting every need, particularly if there have been changes to your needs.

Set some time aside to review all the features that your provider can offer – you might choose from security of user access, disaster recovery, scalability and defence against DDOS attacks – and see which ones you still need, could remove or might want to add. Getting all the right features for your business can make a huge difference to the long-term value of your dedicated server, and just might save you from disaster.

If you’d like to find out more about how dedicated servers can help your business, get in touch with Clouvider today.

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