What are the benefits of virtual machine hosting?


Virtual machine hosting is becoming more and more popular among businesses looking to get the most out of their storage options. So, what are the benefits to this unique technology?

It’s a change, but remains familiar

Virtual environments are designed specifically to mimic physical ones. As a result, using virtual machine hosting can feel like far less of a transition for your staff.

Changing servers can often mean having to allow for a ‘bedding-in’ period where your staff get used to using the new software. With virtual machine hosting, this is often unnecessary, saving you time and money.

Availability isn’t an option

As with all forms of cloud storage, availability never becomes an issue. Whatever your requirements are, the cloud has the capacity to store it.

Availability is also positive in terms of memory. Virtual machines don’t have to worry about available RAM or data, because they’re not relying on physical capacity.

It’s more scalable

Scaling a business up (and in some cases down) can be tricky if you’re relying on physical storage. In order to increase your available capacity, you had to install the physical machines as well as the software required to run those machines.

With virtual machine hosting, getting more storage can be as simple as calling your IT specialists and asking. A couple of clicks and bingo, it’s done. In today’s business world, flexibility is key, and virtual machine hosting gives you exactly that.

Backup and fast recovery

Solid storage has a downside in that, if anything happens to it, it can be slow to make a recovery, even if the backup is there.

Virtual machine storage is lightning fast to recover. Typically, should anything happen to your virtual server, your data will simply be transferred instantly to an alternate one, often without it affecting your work at all.

Even if the problem is slightly more serious, restoring a virtual backup is a much less painful process, and in many cases will still be almost instantaneous.

It’s easy to clone your storage

If you want to create a clone of your current data using physical storage, you’ll need to install the hardware and then slowly transfer everything over. In the cloud storage world, you’re talking a few clicks and less than five minutes. Even for larger files!

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