Talking in the cloud – should your company use VoIP?

With more and more corporate services being hosted on the cloud and the rise of telecommuting and hot-desking, communications costs are a major concern for many businesses. It makes good business sense to work smarter, not harder to make the hardware you have more useful and the people you employ more productive.

The idea of using your computer network for voice calls is not a new one. As technology has advanced, and particularly with the advent of broadband services, Voice over IP – abbreviated to VoIP – services have become increasingly popular. So, when should companies consider VoIP?

If your company has a mobile workforce, uses home-based workers or is simply strung over different sites then the chances are that it shows in your communications bills. That’s where VoIP can really make the difference; using hardware that you already own, you could give your staff the opportunity to take calls wherever they are, or to receive their voicemail as email attachments and at lower cost than your current telecommunications charges.

For those who haven’t used VoIP in a long time, the service has come a long way; technological advancements mean that calls are now more reliable and better quality than ever. VoIP services offer additional services that help productivity, for example a dedicated number for an employee that can be configured to try their laptop, mobile and home phone numbers before asking to leave a message reduces the risk of playing ‘phone tag’.

VoIP services can be run through your existing network, but if your network goes down, so does your comms. The simple way to make sure you’re never out of touch is to use dedicated servers. A cloud-based system takes the problem out of your hands.

Here at Clouvider, we offer server management and pride ourselves on the resilience of our network; we have a 100% up-time service level agreement. Our customer service representatives offer great personal service and our prices are of great value. We’d love to be part of your company’s VoIP solution.

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