About virtual private servers (VPS)

Businesses looking for the benefits of dedicated servers, without the costs, could do well to look at virtual private servers (VPS). A VPS service provides an isolated virtual environment created by a physical server through the virtualisation process. Effectively it provides customised server solutions at a fraction of the costs associated with dedicated servers. What’s more, VPS’s are extremely scalable, giving you the ability to add or remove resources anytime and only pay for what you’re using.

More about virtual private servers

Although the hardware resources on VPS’s are shared each client still receives a dedicated software environment. Clients can opt for managed or independent services and the benefit of these isolated services is that SaaS projects, such as virtual private networks or personal clouds.

VPS hit the market to fill a gap between dedicated servers and shared web hosting, and they are ideal for small to mid-sized businesses as they are inexpensive and offer rapid response rates. Shared web hosting may be inexpensive but it’s very inflexible and cannot deal with spikes in traffic or handle rapid upscaling. The ability to upscale without any added complexities or overheads makes VPS a far preferable option.

Value for money

When it comes to dedicated servers, you’ll find VPS comes in at a fraction of the cost, but is just as flexible and allows clients to grow when demand is at a peak. With dedicated servers, it’s often the case that clients pay for added capacity or resources which are not utilised.

VPS is offered with hard drive disk (HDD) storage or solid state drive (SSD) storage. Ideally look for a provider offering SSD VPS as this provides better performance and reliability while having abilities to serve concurrent users and deal simultaneously with multiple input/output operations. Cloud VPS is also available with the added reliability offered to ensure there is no significant downtime experienced.

Clouvider delivers an excellent quality of hosted services from its data centre in the Docklands of London. We offer dedicated servers, virtual private servers, cloud hosting, colocation and a range of additional services to ensure our clients never experience the frustrations connected to issues with downtime or server failure.

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