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3 ways dedicated private clouds can benefit your ecommerce business


Considering investing in a private cloud service for your e-commerce business? Here are 3 major benefits:

1. Trust and security

In a world where even the biggest corporations are falling victim to unscrupulous hackers who want to harvest important user data, it’s vital that e-commerce businesses emphasise their security to potential customers. By making it clear that your site runs on a private dedicated cloud – and thus that no other company has access to customer data, which, of course, is end-to-end encrypted and managed by professionals, among other things – you can convince potential buyers that you’re a trustworthy business to shop with online.

2. Accessibility

If you were shopping on the high street and you were being ignored by a shop assistant while wanting to purchase an item, you’d eventually go elsewhere to buy, wouldn’t you? It’s a similar story online. In the modern world, shoppers are impatient, and they won’t hang around on your site if it takes aeons to load or part of the site is down – with plenty of choice, they’ll go ‘next door’ to your competitor. A site hosted on a private cloud tends to be quicker and more reliable, with enhanced service predictability and network performance.

3. Flexibility

If you’re a small-scale e-commerce business, or a start-up, it might make more sense for you to invest in a public cloud which, at first, is cheaper than a private cloud due to the set-up costs involved in the latter option. However, a dedicated private cloud can offer scalability and flexibility in ways a public solution simply can’t. A private cloud will allow you to move workloads among servers when you see increases in usage, or when new applications are deployed. With a public cloud, you’d have to ask your service provider before making any changes. Public cloud services will involve a service contract too, which may impose restrictions, while if you’re running on a dedicated private cloud, the process is more streamlined as it’s you who calls the shots.

In the realm of e-commerce, when trends can change – and businesses can go boom or bust – overnight, it’s important to invest in a cloud solution which allows you to attract and retain customers. Get in touch with us for further information about our private cloud services.

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