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2017 – the year of the cloud


As we get to the end of 2016, it stands to reason that everyone from digital marketers to CEOs are looking to push their efforts in the coming year. As opposed to resolutions, here at Clouvider we instead encourage the setting of one achievable goal to help drive business forward. The advancement of the digital age and the expansion of the Internet of Things means 2017 is set to be a big year for cloud storage, telecommunications and technology. Automation also leads the way as a key trend in the coming year. Cloud servers will continue to be competitive, offering compatibility, performance and value to customers as a storage solution.

What has cloud storage offered so far?

Cloud storage is a data solution which has advanced rapidly in the last few years to become a safe, fast and effective place to store data, freeing up space on your electronic devices. We offer a resilient network for private cloud services, which means powerful and fast access with enhanced privacy. Gone are the days of cloud storage being a background idea.

Who needs cloud?

Many businesses, from SMEs to larger corporations find cloud storage a useful way to manage data and there are many sectors who cannot store their data within a public cloud, since it lacks the optimum privacy. This is where companies can benefit from having private storage which is quickly accessed.

How will cloud storage change?

Our dedicated UK servers offer excellent delivery time and a highly personalised service, something which is in line with the consumer trend toward excellent UX. We believe that 2017 will see more diversification and innovation, which will improve cloud services in general to ensure that customers are getting the fastest, most interactive and easy to use cloud services, much as we already do. We are pioneers in the storage niche – with optimised and integrated systems – which follow the line of the trajectory for cloud storage as we move into 2017.

Here at Clouvider we expect to see 2017 as the year of cloud storage, as the digital age continues to evolve.

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