Why use a dedicated server? The three main benefits

External servers are increasingly being used throughout businesses due to the huge numbers of benefits they offer their end users. From allowing a centralised hub for information and documents, its ability to be accessed from any location, combined with its scalability and flexibility, external servers and out-of-office storage services are essential for businesses in the digital age.

However, many businesses are not able to take full advantage of public or shared servers. Whether this is due to bandwidth reasons or a need for increased security, for many companies using public services will not meet their business needs. There is a way for firms to have all the benefits of managed servers without the limitations of public servers though, by using a dedicated server.

What is a dedicated server?

Unlike public servers, which are available for anyone and everyone to use, a dedicated server is a specific infrastructure dedicated only to one customer. Dedicated servers can be located internally within a company’s own datacentre, or can be hosted by a third party in a datacentre.

What are the advantages of dedicated servers?

1. Increased security

Dedicated servers offer far greater security than public servers. As there are limited connections to the datacentre, all of which are managed directly by you and your company, there is a significantly reduced risk of cybercriminals being able to access or hack your data.

2. Far greater scalability

Dedicated servers will be specifically geared to your company, and thus will be able to easily adapt to your needs. Whether your company is looking to increase their data storage temporarily for a big project or seeking to expand on a permeant level, dedicated and managed services can offer your business flexibility and scalability that cannot be found with public servers.

3. Manage services

If you opt to have your private server managed by a third party, you can be sure that there will be a professional and expert team on hand to offer advice and solve problems should any challenges arise. This means that you will experience less downtime, increasing your overall productivity and workplace efficiency.

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