Why are domain names so important for businesses on dedicated servers?

Almost everyone in the UK has access to the internet, with most of these people being able to access it through multiple channels at any time of the day or night. This means that everyone connected to the internet has the potential to find and subsequently use your business website.

However, with so many websites and competitors out there, it is essential that these potential customers get a great impression of your company, website and branding from the start; and that start is often the domain name, which is inherently linked to your dedicated server.

A domain name is the part of the website address that identifies the website – it is the written content between the ‘www.’ and the ‘’. As such, it is the most memorable part of the website address and is a gateway for customers to quickly learn about your business and services.

Your ability to generate website traffic, and therefore potential customers, is completely based on their capacity to find you, and a catchy, memorable or simple domain names allows them to do this with ease. In order to secure a particular domain name, you must register it.

.Cloud Domains

.Cloud is rapidly becoming one of the most anticipated domain name extensions, due to the way that the cloud has changed the fundamental nature of computing and businesses online. Cloud domains are one of the fastest growing domains and are ideal for any businesses already operating in the cloud, as well as for startups, creative professionals and online retailers. These domains allow companies to create strong online identities, while also providing their customers with memorable names, which are easy to find online, thus growing website traffic.

Equally, getting sponsors or other companies to promote your website will be difficult without a registered domain name. It is unlikely that potential business partners will see your company as a worthwhile investment without a registered domain name, due to the lack of identity and website traffic that comes with without being officially registered. By choosing a .Cloud domain, your company presents itself with a strong technological image, showing you are up to date with the latest technological advancements.

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