What to look for in a dedicated server

There is no doubt that using a dedicated server for your online business needs is a wise move. These type of servers are dedicated purely to your organisation and so can offer a myriad of benefits such as better security and speed. Compared to traditional servers that you may share with other businesses, they are a sensible choice for business growth.

If you are thinking of using a dedicated server, you may be wondering what to look for in any you choose. Here are a few key points to check out with your dedicated server provider before you sign-up.

Feel the power

A key consideration in this area for most organisations is that the dedicated server they use has plenty of power. This will allow for fast download and processing times to give a great user experience to anyone navigating your website. Have a look at the amount of disk space and RAM your dedicated server will offer and consider if that is enough to handle all you will need it for. Some businesses will need more, for example, if their online operation is resource intensive.

Is it secure?

Of course, the other hot topic in IT currently is cybersecurity. This will naturally extend to the dedicated server you choose to use. Make sure to fully research the provider you will use and the security measures they have in place to keep the server you will use safe. A top-class provider should have a very secure data centre facility to house your server and also the latest firewalls to prevent hackers gaining access online.

Get a provider who cares about you

With the best will in the world, sometimes things can go wrong or small issues can crop up that you need resolving fast. Any kind of downtime for your website or online channels is disastrous and will lose potential customers. Check out the customer service that any dedicated server provider offers to make sure they provide a high level. Are they easy to contact, for example, in a number of different ways?

Here at Clouvider, we offer UK dedicated servers that are second to none. Our secure London datacentre contains a resilient network for full peace of mind. The UK dedicated servers we offer give lots of power, fast processing times and the latest hardware inside. Give us a call today and see how our UK dedicated servers can help your business grow.

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