What are the benefits of using an external data centre for your dedicated server hosting needs?


It is pretty obvious to everyone now that your business data is your most valuable asset. As such, the ability of your network hosting requirements to protect and handle this data effectively is a key concern. In previous years, many businesses would have chosen to have their own on-site data centre with their own physical dedicated servers to fulfil this need.

The landscape has changed in recent years to make this model redundant. Many organisations are now starting to use external data centre hosting which instead houses the dedicated servers they use. But just why does an externally managed data centre make perfect business sense? This may seem a strange point to start on when we are talking about dedicated servers and online business needs. However, data centres are still at risk of physical break-ins that could compromise them. An externally hosted data centre will have much more security and protection in place to guard against this than the average business would have on their own premises. It may surprise you to know that one of the biggest things that can tie a business to a certain location is its on-site data centre. The risk and cost of moving their servers are too great for most organisations which limits the scope of their future plans. By using an externally hosted data centre, this issue is removed as the data centre will not have to move with the business.

The problem with having your own data centre on-site for most businesses is that the building may not actually be designed to handle it. You will in all probability have trouble with space, soon running out of room for all the dedicated servers and kit you need! Modern externally hosted data centres have been custom-built for the job at hand and so relieve your business of this pressure.

In the modern business world, two things are paramount. The first is reducing costs and the second is fulfilling your environmental responsibilities. Moving to an externally hosted data centre can help with both of these as they will see you use much less energy than having it all on your own premises.

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