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We have turned 8 years old!

Hi Everyone,

We have turned 8 years old, and we are celebrating our birthday with a look over the past few years. So alongside the celebration, we have also taken some time to stop for a second and recap. It has been an incredibly busy few years for us as we have been investing heavily in our infrastructure as we always try to stay ahead of the curve with the latest equipment, and our network experienced enormous growth.

We have been especially busy going across the ocean to open new points of presence in the USA, which was particularly challenging during the pandemic as we had to make sure to stay safe. The rollout in the USA took several months of hard work and long days (and nights). In order to ensure everything was 100% perfect and to our exacting standards our CEO personally supervised this every step of the way.

The quality of our backbone in the USA is exceeding customers expectations regularly as we have our cutting edge equipment in some of the most prominent network exchanges in the USA, check out our interactive network map here.

Point of presence is a phrase used and probably overused in our industry, so to be clear, unlike the many times you might have heard this we do not mean a single server or a bit of leased equipment, in our case this means cages filled with racks loaded with the latest Juniper network equipment, the latest server-grade Intel CPU’s and Enterprise-grade NVMe disks which combined gives you some of the best most reliable bare metal server equipment on the market today.

We have connected our datacenters on both continents with 2 x 100 Gbps transatlantic weaves for more resilience and exception speeds. Each connects to different locations in London and NYC. London Equinix LD8 with NYC Digital Realty 32 Ave. of the Americas and NYC Digital Realty 60 Hudson St. with London Telehouse North Two. These two lines give us 200 Gbp/s of transatlantic capacity!

We’ve also increased our total additional network capacity to 1.1 Tbps.

By adding 600 Gbit/s to Telia, 300 Gbit/s to GTT and 200 Gbit/s to Sparkle. So all our customers in London, Frankfurt, New York, Phoenix, Ashburn and Dallas can now enjoy lower latency and increased reliability while using our services!

Again please check our network map & connectivity services page, which shows all connections visualised. 

None of this would be possible without fantastic people, which also includes you, our Customers, new and old that want more speed, power, and capacity. This has helped to define our 8th year with a single phrase “Increased Capacity” every year, we have a growth boost with more customers and new locations.

This year we also opened a new office in Amsterdam and invited even more people to work with us, speaking of which if you would be interested in joining our team, please be sure to check our careers page.

We genuinely became an international company this year which is right on course with what we were striving for, and this saw us changing our primary domain name from to as this is now a better fit for our more global presence.

Clouvider has big plans for the future, and all signs indicate we have been making the right decisions so far. With a fantastic team of dedicated staff and great customers, we are looking forward to seeing what things look like when we turn 9. Perhaps even a slice of Asia will be something we can be proud of then. Stay tuned for updates on that.

As always, please feel free to send us a message on our social media, email us or pop on to our website live chat to get the latest offers or custom quotes to meet your needs.

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