Uptime – Everything you need to know about it

If you have been researching dedicated servers in the UK, Frankfurt, or Amsterdam. You will most likely have encountered the phrase ‘uptime’. In this blog post, we would like to help you understand what uptime is and how it can affect your business.

What is uptime, and why it is critical?

In short, uptime is how reliable a hosting system is. For example, if a machine can work uninterrupted, it would have an uptime of 100%. Uptime is the opposite of downtime, and measurement quantifies how long a device or system is out of use.

Loss of revenue caused by downtime.

If your website or online platforms are experiencing significant downtime, you could miss out on substantial revenue. For example, if a Customer tries to place an order and is met with an error code on your website due to downtime, they will most likely take their business to one of your competitors instead of waiting for the problem to be fixed.

Downtime often leads to a poor reputation.

If potential clients or investors experience significant downtime on your website, it will create the impression your website is unreliable. For example, a Customer will not feel comfortable giving you their payment details online if your website does not seem secure and trustworthy.

Uptime and Downtime have an impact on SEO.

Website downtime can significantly harm the search engine ranking of your business. Google and other search engines constantly monitor your website, and if they find it is frequently offline, they will penalise you for it. Alternatively, if you have a consistently strong website uptime, this can help improve your SEO.

How can you ensure a high uptime?

If you want to ensure 100% uptime for your online platforms, you must look for hosting solutions with distributed storage technology, as this will ensure there is no single point of failure that can cause downtime for your website.

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