UK dedicated servers – managed or unmanaged?

A dedicated server is an ideal solution for companies who want the speed and reliability of a hosted server, with the benefits of exclusivity – a dedicated server can have advantages such as increased security, and a unique IP address. For some businesses, it’s important to have a server that they can constantly access and maintain to their own specifications. For others, the server needs to do its job without any input from them. It might not be that straightforward for every business though, so here are some points to consider before you make the decision.

Managed vs Unmanaged

In a managed system, all maintenance and updates are taken care of. An unmanaged system is one in which software and operating system are all managed and maintained by the user.

Managed Dedicated Servers

With a managed dedicated server, there’s no need to ever be involved with its operation. It’s closely monitored so that any issues are addressed before they ever get a chance to become a problem for you. It’s always optimised, and Clouvider has a system of multiple fail-safes in our London datacentre, to offer 100% uptime, with no technical input required from you. Backup and security are also included in our management packages. While a managed dedicated server will cost a little more, it’s important to factor in the cost and time involved in maintaining and managing a server with your own staff.

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

This option gives you more flexibility if your company has specialist needs. You, or your own server administrator, have full root access to allow complete control, with the capacity to install your tools and applications. An optional control panel is available for quick maintenance. You can think of it as similar to your own computer – if you are able to fully maintain and troubleshoot your operating system, and are prepared to deal with software issues and patches, then an unmanaged server may save you money.

For UK dedicated servers, you may have more choice than you think – so you can base your decision on the perfect fit for you and your staff.

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