Top tips for secure dedicated server usage

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re likely interested in dedicated servers. This is for a good reason – the power you’ll be able to harness through taking advantage of a great dedicated server will be sure to benefit your business. However, some dedicated servers UK-wide and across the world can cause companies to have some security concerns. Rest assured that dedicated servers can be safe and secure if you take suitable precautions, whether you’re in London or Amsterdam. That’s why in this blog post, we’ll be running through our top tips for making your dedicated server usage more safe.

1. Backup, backup and backup again

It might seem simple, but regular data backups are something many people don’t think about daily. It doesn’t matter if it’s being stored in a London datacentre or a private cloud through NL dedicated servers in the Netherlands to keep your information safe. Backing up your data is essential! Through an excellent hosting plan, you’ll be able to schedule automatic backups as often as you need. Dedicated server backup will, of course, depend on the space you have available to carry out these backups. How much sensitive data do you need to store? But it’s something you need to consider.

2. Check for updates to secure dedicated server

A reliable dedicated server provider will regularly provide you with updates and patches that help mend any vulnerable areas that might leave your site open to a data breach. We understand it can be tempting to click “install later”, but this isn’t good practice if you want complete confidence in your dedicated server and its safety.

3. Choose a trusted, dedicated server provider

When starting the search for a dedicated server provider, it can be overwhelming to see the list that comes up with the click of a search engine. The best route is to check out the providers with a track record of happy customers with reviews that back up their resilient network and tight security. Simply choosing the first company, you come across leaves you open to more security threats from those who might see big UK dedicated servers or DE dedicated servers as easy prey.

If you’re interested in highly secure and reliable hosting services, Clouvider provides a great network and reasonable prices to companies everywhere, and are proud to now be operating Frankfurt dedicated servers over in Germany. We pride ourselves on our excellent personal service and will be happy to discuss the finer details with anyone who’s interested – please get in touch today for more information.

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