Three ways you can use dedicated servers to build a business


You might currently use UK dedicated servers for your WordPress hosting or startup company and already enjoy the reliable speeds and benefits they offer. With dedicated servers providing the best security, performance and administrative control, they can open up a host of business opportunities.

So, how else can dedicated servers benefit you? Read on to find out about three potential business ideas that UK dedicated servers are ideal for.

Web hosting services

A successful web hosting venture relies on fast server delivery, reliable security and excellent Customer support. You can find all these requirements on our dedicated servers with a guarantee of no downtime. All you need to do is look for any web-based control panel provider to partner with and sell web hosting services. Working with such providers means that your dedicated servers UK clients can also benefit from design services. They can have their very own web pages without security breaches or a slow network. To get the most out of web hosting services, go for Amsterdam dedicated servers to expand to other areas.

Gaming services

Due to massive traffic, the gaming industry is one of the most profitable areas on the cloud today. If you are looking for an opportunity to use your UK dedicated servers for extra revenue, this is the perfect fit. Game server hosting requires 100% uptime, which only dedicated servers UK based centres can provide. Your Amsterdam dedicated servers can also come in handy, so be on the lookout for gaming companies to partner with.

Streaming services

Dedicated servers are not just meant for flexibility and lowering administrative costs. They also come with a large storage capacity, meaning you can store and send large files without any hitches. Customise your software and hardware on NL dedicated servers or any Frankfurt dedicated servers for streaming opportunities.

To get UK dedicated servers for any of your business prospects, get in touch with Clouvider today. We also provide Amsterdam dedicated servers and Frankfurt dedicated servers. Whatever your location, contact us today for affordable prices and great deals.

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