Three reasons a dedicated server is best for your blog and content strategy


Maintaining a strong and focused content strategy is a great way to solidify your brand identity and bolster your site’s SEO. Free hosting can be a perfectly effective choice for your blog and evergreen content in the early days, but as your content develops, it’s important to consider hosting on UK dedicated servers. Here are a few benefits you may not be aware of.


Better UX

More and more, good user experience is a major ranking factor Google uses to place sites on its SERPs. Free blog and content hosts, while nice and accessible, don’t really provide much in the way of guaranteed uptime. If your free hosting goes down, prospects will bounce right off that irritating 500 error page and may be sent running into the arms of your competitors. When you opt for a dedicated server, your blog and content pages, just like every other aspect of your site, will have a much better chance of staying functional when technical errors rear their heads.


Customise to your Unique Needs

When your blog and other content relies on free hosting, you’ll have to play by that host’s rules. At best, this will mean you can run into difficulties if you want to include animations, infographics, and other aspects that will help your content stand out from the crowd. At worst, you might get hit with an update that could completely pull the rug out from under some of your best pieces of content. When you have a dedicated cloud host, you have the freedom to tailor your bandwidth, user access, and many other features according to your unique needs.


Peace of Mind

Many people don’t consider the possibility of blogs being a weak point for cyber-attacks, but you’d be surprised how often this is exactly the case. In many cases, all it takes is a single DDoS strike to bring down a free-hosted blog server to its knees, meaning limited access to your customers, and in turn a major threat to your SEO efforts. When your blog is on a well-maintained dedicated server, with its own extra security layers, you can rest easy knowing there’s one less risk to worry about.

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