The future of dedicated server hosting

The need for data storage solutions is increasing rapidly. The cost of building and maintaining an in-house data centre is enormous for any sized business, so more and more are making the decision to outsource hosting to third-party dedicated servers to cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Shifting the attention to what you do best

This allows businesses to focus their attention on streamlining business operations and generating additional revenue. Hosting service providers offer computing servers, storage space and general power for companies, in addition to providing sophisticated networking facilities. They exist to help reduce companies’ spending on IT infrastructure, and generally, offer greater bandwidth and uptime for customers.

The demand for this type of service is predicted to increase in the next few years. Companies needing to improve the speed, efficiency and reliability of their online services will be looking to outsource on a greater scale, the increasing focus on security will mean that the burden of an in-house data centre will gradually become increasingly intolerable.

A pressing challenge that needs to be faced

This presents a challenge for dedicated server providers, as the issue of regulatory compliance with end customers must be addressed alongside finding ways to manage the logistic demands of the future.

Strategic locations are likely to become a more important consideration for cloud hosting providers. The North American and European regions are the locations of the majority of current data centres, but the issue of limited space and increased power consumption is forcing a move to the Asia Pacific and Latin American regions. This will enable providers to find some equilibrium in power consumption between colocation data centres, saving on operating costs and minimising carbon footprint in individual territories.

What this means for UK dedicated servers

The future of UK dedicated servers and cloud hosting could, therefore, see these kinds of moves where colocation datacentres have to be set up in new territories to cope with the increasing demand for their services. Dedicated servers in UK operations are the most powerful solution for upscaling a business and meeting all the complex demands of customers and increasing pressures from international legislation.

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