The business benefits of a datacentre

More and more businesses are looking to shift operations from individual servers towards networked systems. This has been put down to the fact that the original benefit gained from running your very own server room, is outweighed by the advantages that can be gained through an outsourced solution.

Many companies don’t realise that you could save plenty of money and give yourself more resilience by using a datacentre. As a company that delivers high-quality hosting services direct from a London datacentre, we’ve seen first hand the benefits it can provide to all sorts of organisations.

The benefits

A datacentre will result in cutting down on your business’s operational expenditure. That means you’ll be able to focus the efforts of your IT team on the core of your business. Put simply, a datacentre hands you the ability to maximise the potential of your company. Firms that decide to operate their own server rooms need to have a team in place with people that are available 24 hours a day every day of the year, just incase their dedicated servers fail at four in the morning. By using a service such as ours, which provides you with all the dedicated servers your business needs from London datacentres, you won’t have to worry about servers failing at all.

Datacentres are ultimately good news for both IT and financial directors, providing them with a win-win scenario. Not only do they help to trip the budget, but they also provide the business with state of the art infrastructure that would be extremely costly to build in-house. If you were to compare the capabilities of a standard server room to what is provided by a datacentre solution, just looking at the cost of power alone should be able to demonstrate just how big the gap is in terms of quality between in-house solutions and the solutions provided by specialists.

It’s also worth noting that while a lot of in-house server rooms have air conditioning, better backups and access to power, the system in place will rarely protect your infrastructure fully. Businesses should consider whether in addition to the cost of power alone, that the power solution in place includes power feeds as well as distribution paths that are diverse enough. Does your in-house system have fuel reserves on site, let alone dual generators and diverse cooling systems? Is there anyone or anything monitoring the power and battery levels of your server room around the clock? All these questions and more can be avoided simply by using a datacentre.

To ensure your business has a resilient network with all the benefits that a state of the art datacentre provides, including 100% uptime, talk to Clouvider today.

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