Selling in the UK? You need UK dedicated servers

If you’re an eCommerce business that sells in the UK, then you need to be using UK dedicated servers for your website. There is no parallel to the speed and the power that they can offer you. However, what are the major benefits you can realise with UK dedicated servers? Here are some of the top benefits.

1. Better user experience

User experience is everything for eCommerce businesses. If a visitor to your site can’t load pages quickly, then they’re going to abandon your site. Research has found that for every second delay, you can lose more than 7% of your revenue. The average retail website loads in about 6.3 seconds, but that is already a loss of 42% (or more) of potential revenue.

It’s also important to consider where your dedicated server is. A dedicated server in the US can have a lag for customers in the UK. Therefore using UK dedicated servers can help you improve speeds even more. Therefore, dedicated servers can help to reduce load times, make customers happy and improve revenues.

2. High ranking on Google

When it comes to eCommerce, running a business means attracting lots of traffic. You shouldn’t rely on Facebook, Instagram or other social channels to bring in lots of high-end converting traffic. Research has shown that only 1-2% of sales are typically found through social media.

Instead, you should focus on search engines (for new customers) and emails (for existing customers). Both of these methods have a much higher proportion of online sales. This is partly because Google respects website speed and the faster your site is, the higher it will be ranked on the search engine.

Getting from the bottom of the first page to the top can have massive implications for your business. For instance, the first spot on Google gets about 33% of the traffic. In contrast, the 10th spot gets about 1% of the traffic. Just a small rise can yield significant revenue opportunities.

3. Better security

Because you’re using UK dedicated servers and not shared servers, the security to your site is improved. There are no risks of third parties gaining access to your site because of security flaws set up by someone else who shares your server.

When you have customer details stored on your website, through their accounts, order histories, etc., this can become a particular worry. Therefore, using a dedicated server might make you more compliant with data security regulations.


If you’re an eCommerce business in the UK, there is no comparison. Using UK dedicated servers will improve your revenues, position on Google and keep your site secure. Therefore, ensure that you’re building the foundation of a successful future for your company and consider a UK dedicated server.

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