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Private cloud server – Does my start-up business needs it?

If you have recently started a new business venture, you may believe your business doesn’t need a private cloud server. It is a common misconception. However, that could seriously impact the growth and success of your start-up. Below we explore how a start-up business could benefit from a private cloud server.

What is a private cloud server?

With a private cloud server, you have your area of cyberspace exclusively for your business. Because it is personal, you have more control over the cloud. Such a solution alow you to manage the speed and reliability of your digital presence more effectively.

What benefits does a private cloud server have for a start-up?

  • User experience

A private cloud can contain multiple virtual servers, which means cloud providers can share traffic across servers to improve the load speed and capacity of a website. For a start-up company, the first connection a potential Customer has with you will often be your website, making a fast, responsive website essential to ensure a Customer can form a positive first impression of your company.

  • Security

You will never have to share any resources with a private cloud server. This means no other company or individual with malicious intent can access your hard drives or memory modules. As you build your reputation as a start-up, the last thing you want is a data breach or data hack that will put your company, clients, and standing at risk.

  • 100% uptime

If you choose to use the hosting services of an expert company, such as Clouvider, you can benefit from 100% guaranteed uptime. This is particularly beneficial for a start-up, as if a potential client finds your webpage is down or glitching, they may presume your company is fraudulent or untrustworthy. This will prevent them from purchasing products/services from your website and will harm your reputation as a company.

Contact us today to learn more about private cloud servers and how they can benefit start-up companies. We have cloud servers and dedicated servers UK, Amsterdam and Frankfurt-based. For more information about our servers, get in touch with Clouvider.

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