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New Location – Ashburn, Virginia, USA

We’re happy to announce a new point of presence (PoP) at the Equinix datacenter in Ashburn – Equinix DC10, the most significant internet peering point in North America.

As a consequence of the above, it is a place where all primary networks interconnect in the U.S., making it a perfect connectivity spot to the east coast of the United States and further the main gateway to Europe. Grants our customers’ ultra-low latency times within the northeast part of the U.S. and Europe thanks to our two 200 Gbit/s transatlantic weaves.

To match our customers’ needs, we always pick the most prominent locations to provide the best possible service level without compromise. That’s why we choose one of the leading operators – Equinix so that we could fill them with the newest Supermicro servers and latest Intel processors.

Connectivity-wise, Equinix DC10 interconnects with all our locations within the U.S. with our 100 Gbps ring, and it’s directly connected to Tier1 providers like Telia, GTT and Sparkle Equinix IX Ashburn.
Please find out more about our connectivity services in Ashburn here.

Our network infrastructure is 100% powered by the latest Juniper equipment. All racks at this PoP contain the newest Supermicro servers powered by the latest Intel CPUs.

But what would the blazing fast server be without a connection which allows utilising its power?

As in our previous PoP launch in Dallas a couple of weeks ago, we also provide you with servers equipped with blazing-fast 10 Gbps ports and 100TB of monthly bandwidth FOC!
So you can utilise that power of your brand new, bare-metal servers from Clouvider.

For your peace of mind, we protect all our locations by on-site Corero DDoS mitigation. Complimentary, best effort DDoS protection is included free of charge with any of our dedicated servers purchase.

To celebrate the launch of our location we’ve prepared a promotional offer. 

Use the ‘ASHBURN15’ promotional code at the checkout for 15% off.

For all our Dedicated Servers in Ashburn code is valid until 31st October 2021, and grants a recurring monthly discount.

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