How dedicated server can improve your UX

When considering UX, or user experience, businesses often forget how quality website hosting or dedicated server will improve the overall user experience. People become so focused on website development and trying to control their Customer’s journey that they forget about another essential component of UX: The bare-metal machines that will run their dream website. This blog post looks at how dedicated servers can improve UX.

What is UX?

UX is the discipline of understanding how a Customer thinks, feels and behaves towards a particular product, service or system. UX also involves developing a service or platform, such as a website, influencing how a Customer experiences and navigates it.

How can dedicated server help UX?


1. Support your marketing efforts

If you have recently launched a new marketing campaign, you may receive more traffic than usual to your website and online platforms. Informing your hosting provider of potential spikes in interest for your website will help them handle any surges in traffic. Such practice ensures that a potential Customer doesn’t find your website glitching or unavailable, negatively harming their UX and your company reputation.

2. Keep your customers safe with the help of a dedicated server

UX is important because if a Customer doesn’t feel safe on your website, they will take their business elsewhere. A Customer must feel your website is secure. Otherwise, they will not leave their payment or contact details with you. With a dedicated server, you never share server space with another individual or company so that you can have complete confidence in the security of your server.

3. Fast and responsive

For a client to have a positive UX on your website, your website must be fast and responsive. Dedicated hosting offers lightning-fast connections ensuring your website not only meets but exceeds your client’s expectations in terms of speed and reliability.

Contact us today to learn more about the relationship between UX and dedicated servers. We have dedicated servers in UK, LA, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and New York City. Hence, no matter where your company operates globally, we will provide you with reliable, professional, dedicated hosting services.

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