How can moving to a dedicated server in 2020 help your business flourish?

As we move further towards the end of 2019, many businesses will naturally be planning ahead for the new year. Strategically mapping out how you will expand and grow in 2020 is key to ensuring this happens in a sensible way. One area that you could look at is your IT set-up and your server hosting options. Many British companies now have made the switch to using UK dedicated servers for their hosting needs. But why is this and how can it help your organisation thrive in 2020?

Greater level of security

There is nothing wrong with using a public server to host your website but it is not as secure as having your own dedicated one. A dedicated server is exactly as it sounds – dedicated solely to your company and your IT needs. This means that other sites are not located on the same server for hackers to breach and access data on the server from. Having a server dedicated also means that no viruses or malware will be passed onto you from other sites, as can happen with public servers.

Reduced risk of unexpected downtime

Another benefit of having your own server is that it will not suddenly go down unless you do something yourself to cause it. This is not the case with public servers where other businesses located there could cause them to crash for a variety of reasons. Having the server you are on go down unexpectedly and cost your company money when it is not your fault is very frustrating. This is why more and more organisations are choosing dedicated hosting now.

Greater level of scalability

Operating from your own personal server also offers much more flexibility to your business. If you find that you need extra storage or bandwidth, this can be accommodated by simply upgrading your dedicated server to cope. This is not always possible with public servers which may not have the extra free room you need. In short, going the dedicated route for servers means you are in full control and can scale it up or down as you need.

Contact Clouvider for the best UK dedicated servers

Here at Clouvider, we are proud to offer both managed and unmanaged UK dedicated servers for business use. Whether you prefer to look after your hosting personally or would like our expert team to handle it on your behalf, we can help. Call on 0203 603 5030 or use the contact form on our website for more details.

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