Grow your business with managed dedicated servers

The long term success of any contemporary business is often based on high tech solutions. One of the latest trends in the UK is to switch to managed servers, as they offer the secure, scalable solution that is ideal for growing any kind of company.

What’s so hot about dedicated and managed servers?

All expanding businesses require additional server support, and dedicated servers ensure business needs are fully met. However, the digital company of today requires more complex data management, particularly when videos and interactive user experiences are a feature. Opting for managed servers ensures the highest performance levels that are critical for business. In addition, UK companies with European business interests will discover that locational dedicated servers provide the speed and reliability needed to optimise for the mainland Europe customer and user base. Both managed and dedicated servers provide business with the best user experience.

What is a UK managed server?

From the perspective of any UK business, the dedicated hosting offered by managed, cloud-based servers provides cost efficiencies and deeper levels of security from day one, and also over the long term. Managed servers make it far easier to add any required scripts, and take the hassles of operating your own business server out of the equation entirely.

Opting for managed servers ensures all your core computing needs are met, and gives you control over all updates, additional capability, scaling, and more. This increased level of customisation is the perfect scalable solution for any business.

Round up of the benefits of managed and dedicated servers

The long-term success of any business depends on the tech solutions adopted in the early and startup stages. In summary, dedicated and managed servers provide a variety of benefits including:

– More control and greater level of scalability

– Top levels of security, with all updates added as soon as issued

– Managed servers provide the benefit of fully trained, expert IT teams, to provide the immediate tech solutions needed by your business

– Best customisation features to mesh with all the most sophisticated tech solutions coming to the marketplace

– Cuts or eliminates business IT downtime to the bone, maximising user engagements and ensuring your business doesn’t lose money due to IT issues causing performance problems or downtime

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