Green IT choices can greatly improve your carbon footprint

IT infrastructure permeates every department of the modern business. This puts the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in a good position to champion sustainability within their organisation. By 2025, the ICT sector could be causing as much as 5.5% of the world’s carbon emissions, according to a forecast by Total Consumer Power Consumption.

But there are opportunities to implement “green IT” initiatives to reduce carbon footprint, and one of these is to utilise cloud-based dedicated servers.

What UK companies can do

When an organisation looks at their energy wastage, a primary culprit is the inefficient software platforms that dictate a need for large, powerful computers with lots of processing power. Migrating off these in-house servers to UK dedicated servers built on the cloud can significantly reduce a company’s carbon emissions. In fact, the reduction can be as much as 50-70%.

Company data centres consume an estimated 3% of global energy consumption. Many large firms, like Google and BT, are making moves to power their data centres using only renewable energy. CIOs of companies can make similar moves by outsourcing their server needs, as long as the green credentials of their chosen provider are sufficient.

Companies that provide outsourced dedicated servers put a lot of focus on environmentally-friendly practices. For example, centres located outside major cities are cheaper, and have easier access to renewable energy sources. They can even make moves to recycle heat waste to warm nearby homes and swimming pools, for instance.

Minimising energy consumption within a business also has the benefit of saving on costs, and helping to maximise profitability. By outsourcing to cloud-based dedicated servers, UK businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint alongside their energy-based expenses, with no sacrifices in terms of hosting power. It is the sensible and responsible move to make for companies looking towards a sustainable future.

Clouvider offers quality hosting from its data centres, boasting a resilient network, 100% uptime and reasonable pricing plans. If you want to outsource your company’s hosting to third-party data centres that help lower the ICT sector’s overall contribution to carbon emissions, then Clouvider are a great option in the UK.

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