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Everything you need to know about domain registration

When using a dedicated server, it is easy to update the domain name of the primary hosting account as the domain can be accessed and changed via your WHM. So, what exactly is a domain name and is it essential to register a new one? We answer these questions and more below…

What is a domain name?

Domain names are the URLs used to separate different websites. Every computer with access to the internet has an IP address, a sequence of four numbers, and the domain system was created so users didn’t have to remember number sequences and could instead search for unique domain names. Often, when using a trial or free website hosting service, a domain will be included but will appear as, for example, which is generic and can look unprofessional.

The benefits of registering a domain name

Rather than using the free domain provided for you, creating a domain name that accurately reflects your business can be much more beneficial, here are just some of the reasons why…

• Credible

A registered domain helps your business look credible, often consumers are wary about making purchases online and a domain that is complicated or unclear can harm the reputation of your business.

• Value

If you don’t think registering a domain is good value for your business, consumers may think you put the same effort into creating your product or service and presume your business offers poor value products.

• Traffic

If you select a domain name that is directly related to your product or service, e.g., you will attract people searching the web for flower delivery services in Frankfurt.

• Memorable

If your domain name is the same as your brand, or closely linked, it can help your business be more memorable. This helps to build the name recognition of your company and raise the profile of your company.

Interested in registering a domain?

At Clouvider, our London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam dedicated servers are unparalleled. We offer a complete range of dedicated hosting services, including domain registration. For more information about creating your perfect domain name or our datacentres, simply contact us today!

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