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The dos and don’ts of domain registration for dedicated servers

Registering your company’s domain name for NL dedicated servers and DE dedicated servers is equally as important as choosing your company’s business name, so there are a number of factors that you need to take into account before committing to one and registering it. The domain registration process comes with its fair share of complications, so we’ve compiled a list of some dos and don’ts when you’re registering your domain.


Register yourself as the owner of your domain

When you’re choosing a domain name to register for your business, it is important to register the domain under your name, as the business owner. The ownership of your domain is determined by whose name is listed during the registration process, so make sure that your name is the one submitted, otherwise, somebody else will be held responsible for the ownership of the domain and it can be very difficult for you to reclaim it.

Remember to renew your domain

Before you register your domain, ensure that the email address linked to your account is valid so that you can receive notifications when your domain is about to expire. If your domain name expires before you renew it, someone else may purchase your domain name and you could lose contact with clients. It’s recommended that you set up payment to be renewed automatically or purchase registration for five or ten years upfront.


Use abbreviations, numbers or dashes in your domain name

It’s best to choose a domain name that is catchy and easy to remember when registering so that you can communicate it to customers and make it recognisable by word of mouth without having to spell it out.

Waste money on extensions other than .com.

When you register your domain name, you will be offered extensions such as .net and .co instead of .com, which is not necessary for most small businesses. Purchasing alternative extensions is only required when you’re protecting a trademark or patenting something, so if you receive an offer to purchase a variation of your domain name from a ‘domain squatter’, avoid this at all costs, unless it is a fair price and you absolutely need the extension.

If you’re looking for domain registration services for DE dedicated servers and NL dedicated servers, get in touch with the experts at Clouvider today.

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