What is the difference between shared and dedicated server hosting?

When it comes to choosing the hosting plan you or your company will use, there are many options. The two you may hear talked about most are shared server hosting plans and dedicated server hosting plans. Naturally, these offer two completely different experiences and it is, therefore, worth knowing how they differ.

Shared server hosting

This is one of the most common server hosting plans around and one of the cheapest. Unfortunately, it is actually worse than choosing to use a dedicated server in a lot of cases.

The issues for shared hosting lie in its very nature. As you share the server with lots of other businesses and websites, it is not as secure as using a dedicated server. In addition, a problem with just one of the many websites using your shared server could break the whole server. This means downtime for you, even if your site does not have an issue. You are also not able to customise any aspect of a shared server which is very limiting for any type of expansion plan.

Shared hosting is fine if you are running a hobby blog in your spare time, but for any serious business or e-commerce site, dedicated server hosting is a better choice.

Dedicated server hosting

As noted above, this is the better choice for many people. It has much better online security as the server is dedicated solely to your use alone. This means no other websites are using it and you have much tighter control over server security as a result.

As the server is dedicated only to you, it also means you can change whatever you like on it. This allows you to configure it to the demands of your individual business or simply just how you like to use it. It also means that you can configure the security measures to how you want and get the level of protection you desire.

Naturally, as the server is dedicated to your use only, there are no issues with any other websites on the server causing costly downtime. This is a real bonus and can really save you money in the long term from avoiding any lost business.

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