A modern UK dedicated server solution.

Over the years at Clouvider, we have seen various systems enter testing and production – from hobbyist i3 machines to multi-node microclouds.

We noticed a thing or two about our modern dedicated servers and how they had changed from the “flagship” UK based dedicated servers offered by many of our competitors when we started trading a few years ago.

They have come a long way in the last few years, with modern-day systems optimised in different ways.


Dedicated Server Hardware

The bare-metal servers have advanced over the recent years, with the latest developments in hardware now being incorporated.
Many of our latest servers include the following by default:

High-Speed Storage

Gone are the days of Hard Disk-based RAID arrays. Our latest dedicated servers offer the newest form of storage connection – NVMe. NVMe allows for up to 2.5GB/s read, and 1.5GB/s write I/O speeds* from the latest generation of SSD technology. In addition to maintaining a smaller physical footprint within the machine and lower overall power consumption. Your MySQL query times will be faster than ever before!

Larger Storage

Storage drives can now reach larger capacities, with 6/8 and 10TB Drives becoming more popular for cold storage and archiving solutions. No longer are customers limited to only a couple of TB per server. With the option of 8 and 12 bay chassis, newer dedicated servers can hold more physical disks than before.

Hotswap capability

With disk drive hot-swap capability provided by our chassis, there is no longer a need to have your server powered down should you ever need to upgrade or replace one of your storage devices. Just alert the OS, remove the old drive, add the new one and reconfigure.

Denser Deployments

The design of our latest Supermicro servers allows them to occupy a smaller space within the datacentre racks. They also feature an Intel Skylake E3v5 processor to assist with power efficiency, allowing much denser deployments saving on operating costs and passing the savings onto you. Why take up a whole 1/2U rack space when you can use 1/8th of a 3U unit?


Supporting UK Infrastructure

Whilst the physical servers have changed, so has the supporting infrastructure that operates them and offers our infamous 100% uptime SLA.

Native IPv6 Connectivity

Native IPv6 connectivity is available throughout our network on all of our services. You can rest assured that your device will be able to communicate with all other devices during the transition period.

In-built System Administration

All our UK dedicated servers offer IPMI or KVM remote access. Such s facilities allow you complete control over your dedicated server via a keyboard and mouse and even with virtual media. No more waiting for someone to attach a remote console, provide user access, and put a CD in.

Diverse Redundancy

Each of our systems offers a minimum of dual network ports & power feeds, allowing us to build a genuinely redundant foundation for our systems. Having them diverse, not just double, means no common fault will take out both feeds outside the central server. Having links and lines in failover configuration allows for protection should anything go wrong on the main feed the redundant automatically keep your server online.

High-Speed Uplinks

Typically servers were connected at 10/100Mb to the main datacenter network. In today’s world, with up to 200Mbps+ packages available to residential customers, that’s not enough anymore. All our dedicated servers have a 2x1Gbps ethernet uplink with 10Gbps fibre links and higher available on request.

We have a premium bandwidth blend with high-speed ports directly with Level3, NTT, GTT, Cogent, and LINX. This ensures a stable, responsive connection worldwide. In the unfortunate event, if one provider has an issue, our multi-homed network allows us to stay online with traffic automatically re-routing via another ISP.

We also have an open peering policy if your local ISP wishes to peer with us. Many of our current peers include BT UK, BT IE, EE, TalkTalk, Telefonica UK (O2), Relish Networks (Relish Broadband), CloudFlare, Akamai, Prolexic, Sky, Incapsula, Telstra, Zen, Microsoft, Voxility, Equinix, Enta, Telecity, IX Reach, Init7, Pacnet and A&A.

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection complements our network blend. Various protection types are available in the house and via external traffic, filters to ensure your server stays online even when under attack.
Are you looking to deploy a dedicated server? Contact us today to discover how our solutions can help your online services.


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