Dedicated server trends for 2020

The market for dedicated servers, like many other elements of cloud computing, can move along at a startling pace. And so with the new year upon us, now seems like an apt time to look ahead at 2020 and predict which trends could come to the fore in the market for dedicated servers. Read them below…!

Security first

While cybersecurity has always been a priority for hosting providers, in 2020 we could see security impact even more on dedicated servers. That’s because experts believe that there will be new, and potentially even more costly, cyber threats which can arise in 2020. It is anticipated that cybercrime will become increasingly attractive to criminals, and these attacks will need to be thwarted by dedicated servers in the form of new IT security features. This could range from protection from DDoS attacks to the provision of SSL certificates.

The rise of SDD

Solid state drivers (SSD) could increasingly come to replace HDD for storage. It is the added advantages in terms of performance and storage capacity which can make SDD the storage solution of choice for dedicated servers. It seems that HDDs have had their time, and far superior data reading and writing capability offered by SDD means that hosting providers have fewer reasons to stick with the old mode of operation.

Cheap and cheerful

You can expect to get ‘more bang for your buck’ from dedicated servers in 2020. As businesses switch on to the benefits of dedicated servers and they become more popular, the competition for customers in the market is stoked up. It all adds up to more competitive prices, with the winner being the recipient of the cloud-based service. “But how are dedicated servers UK hosting providers able to slash their rates and still survive?” You might ask. Did you know that bandwidth prices have also been seen to fall, and so price cuts can simply be interpreted as these savings being passed on to the customer.

If you have been weighing up the benefits of dedicated servers against another form of hosting, for the reasons outlined above, 2020 could be a good time to switch.

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