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What is a colocation datacenter?


Colocation data centres are sometimes under the name of a ‘colos’. If you’ve stumbled across the term and think you have an idea of what it means but are not quite sure, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out what a colocation data centre is.

What is colocation? Why the name ‘colo’?

The term ‘colo’ stands for co-located and refers to the fact that servers from different companies are “co-located” in one physical data centre location. Usually, the company owns the hardware but keep it at the outsourced data centre location. Sometimes professionals look after the servers on-site. In essence, colocation data centres are facilities rented out by multiple third parties to host their servers or other network equipment.

Who uses colocation data centres?

International companies with regional offices in different countries will want to have their servers near each local office for greater efficiency. Colocation data centres enable this, making it possible for businesses to spread their hardware across different locations.


Why are colocation data centres popular?

Improve security

Data centres boast excellent network security, including the latest firewalls/IDS systems to pick up on and block unauthorised access to their clients’ servers.

Accessible and convenient

Businesses can choose a datacenter location near to their regional office. For example, an international company may have DE dedicated servers in Germany and UK dedicated servers in the United Kingdom.

More affordable and easy to manage costs

A colocation data centre is a more affordable option than having your own data centre. It is easy to budget for the cost of a colocation data centre, and you can lease space for ongoing periods.

It makes it easy to grow.

Allows for scalability as it is easy to add more servers to the custom-made facility when a business grows. If you host a server in a small office space or other local data centre, the situation is more complex.

Power backups

Colocation data centres use multiple power grids, battery backup systems and the latest technology to ensure your server stays up and running in a crisis. If a datacenter goes down, it is by design able to solve the problem; this is a great weight off of the minds of business owners.

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