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Clouvider has upgraded network connectivity between London, Manchester and Frankfurt.


It’s been no secret that we’ve been expanding our network aggressively in recent months. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience and expand our reach into new markets. Recently, we decided to partner with euNetworks to help us achieve our goals. They’ve got an impressive track record of building high-performing networks, so we know that this partnership will be a success. With their help, we’ll be able to expand our network between London, Manchester, and Frankfurt with low latency weaves at 300Gbps!

We’re looking forward to working with them and seeing this partnership’s benefits for our users.


We offer low latency connections in the UK and Europe.

By partnering with euNetworks, Clouvider customers can now enjoy increased network capacity and low latency between our datacenters in London, Manchester within the UK and Frankfurt in Germany. As a result of this partnership, three 100Gbps low-latency weave solutions are live now to provide us with the connectivity needed for today’s business demands!


300Gbps to improve the Customers experience.

300Gbps of additional capacity will improve Customers experience. Faster transfer speeds increased reliability and a more resilient network structure. Thus, we can also grow and create better services for our existing customers and businesses in the future.


We want to thank all our customers for their ongoing support. We know how important it is to provide the best possible service, which means you all play an integral role in our success. It’s terrific that we can count on each other for support and gratitude!


Dedicated Servers UK or Europe and the USA – contact us today!

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