Bare metal servers – why to pick one in the country of operation?

Bare metal servers or dedicated servers have been explored in great detail on this blog; they give you complete control over the server, with your choice of the operating system, the knowledge that all the space is available only to you, and dedicated support.

Location of your bare metal server counts.

When choosing a dedicated server, it is also essential to consider the location. Why? There are numerous reasons, but two of the most important are:

1) Distance to the server can impact the speed of communication.

2) The country’s rules and regulations can stipulate how to set up and manage servers.

That is why we offer dedicated servers in the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany. So businesses in the UK, Netherlands, and Germany can have their private cloud using a dedicated server based in the same country where they have businesses.

Other factors to consider

Location is not everything. It is of utmost importance for bare metal servers to offer a resilient network, power and cooling. And also excellent personal service, 100% uptime SLA, great network, fast delivery, and reasonable prices. Thankfully, we offer all of these.

Of course, companies can use our datacenters outside of the UK. For example, in the Netherlands and Germany, businesses that choose a dedicated server from us will benefit from all the previous positives. Plus, the server is on a datacenter within the European Union. The fact is UE has some of the world’s strictest cybersecurity laws and regulations.

The Netherlands and Germany go even further with their regulations, meaning a dedicated server in these countries is a must for Dutch and German businesses, just as a UK business should opt for a dedicated server in the UK.

By opting for a dedicated server with its datacentre in the central districts for business, such as London, Manchester, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt, you will be experiencing the fastest speeds possible, for better quality communication between devices, for your website, and ultimately, for your customers.

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