5 advantages of using a service partner for dedicated servers

Having your very own server may be extremely advantageous, but setting it up and keeping it healthy can be costly and often time-consuming. This is why it sometimes makes sense to put the onus on someone else when it comes to server management, and these 5 tips prove exactly why it makes total sense to use a partner rather than going for a less secure, less reliable DIY effort.

1. You need to know literally nothing

If your business isn’t techy, then you’re better off spending your time on what you do best rather than trying to do something else you have no idea about. Learning, implementing and managing takes focus away from the day job and as we all know, focus is a key success factor in every organisation.

2. You’ll save time

Instead of having to figure out which server system to go for and then trying to install it, let someone with loads of time on their hands do it for you. They’ll probably get it done way faster than you ever will too.

3. They won’t get it wrong (and it’s not your problem if they do.)

If you screw up, you’ll need to fix the problem. If your IT service partner screws up, you’ll have a contract to fall back on, or worst case scenario, you don’t have to pay them.

4. You don’t have to hire anyone

Apart from the initial tendering process where you pick your chosen partner, you won’t need to spend a single minute looking for hard-to-find server experts. Your partner will provide all the technical expertise you’ll need, as well as dealing with their salaries, pensions, and replacement when they eventually leave.

5. They’ll hold your hand into the future

When it comes to dedicated servers, installation and set-up is only half the battle. Ensuring system health and robustness is a business constant, and having someone there who can solve problems and explain what’s wrong is not just helpful, but also critical if you can’t access your stored information or vital online and cloud services.

If you’ve been swayed by these extremely valid reasons for using a partner, then let Cloudvider solve your dedicated server headaches. With a network of cloud and dedicated server experts and first-class customer service, you won’t need to worry about hiring teams or having to chase installation engineers; we’re here for the long run!

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